About Nexton

Our Values

Talent & Experience
We bring to your project the 5% of the best talent in LATAM
Teamwork & Collaboration
Together we create greatness
Create Value
Every action focused on our clients' business goals
Fueled by Passion
We love what we do, and we are continuously improving and innovating
Communication & Transparency
We're partners working together towards the same goal
Continuous Improvement
There's always room for improvement in everything we do


Our Commitment

Top 5% IT Talent of LATAM

Argentina, our main market, has been ranked as the best place to find excellent engineers by Coursera.

Always deliver value

Everything we do is focused on help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Remote but always there

Our teams are always on your same Time Zone. We are not just available when you are but also culturally closer to you.


Meet the Core Team

Agustín Di Luciano


Agustin Di Luciano holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology and has 12+ years of experience in the Tech industry developing mobile apps, services and teams for leading Latin American and US startups.
Products he has built surpassed over 1.5m daily active users. He has personally interviewed over 1500+ of the top developers in Latin America and helped build teams for 40+ US based startups.
Besides being an engineer, Agustin is also a professional visual artist.

Diego Sternberg


Diego Sternberg is an entrepreneur from Argentina. He founded Nexton with the idea of connecting the best engineers in Latin America to the most interesting software challenges globally.
Prior to Nexton, Diego founded companies in the consumer internet space and helped build tech hubs in Latin America for several US-based companies.
He also worked at two of the best Management Consulting firms globally. Diego has a background in Industrial Engineering and he holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Agustina Müller

Sr. UX Designer

Ariel Blasi

FE Software Engineer

Cristian Soria

Sr. Fullstack Engineer

Fabricio Pautasso

Lead Engineer

Juan Blanco

Recruiting Team

Mariano Ravinale

VP of Engineering


Making our culture grow

You don´t need everyone to be physically together to create a strong company culture since its constructed day by day from everyone's actions. But, we also believe that having the opportunity of meet in person, a few times a year, strengthens the company's culture by generating new bonds and inspiring each other.
At least a couple of times a year, the entire Nexton team meets to share a retreat where we work in the team alignment and present the annual goals. We can learn about what makes each other happy and what our true passions are. Our meetings are a mix of shared team experiences, collaborative presentations and having a great time together.
The Magic Team