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We work with US companies that want to hire the best remote engineers in Latin America.
Our vision is to help the top engineers in LATAM work with the most exciting US companies.


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An agile technical recruiting process for and by Engineers

Having designers and developers working together throughout the process allows us to create high-impact experiences for any type of user in any industry across every single web and mobile platform
We propose a small set of very sharp candidates interested in speaking with you
We operate with a SLA so you quickly review the candidates and Nexton helps you schedule interviews
We have flexibility to adapt to your own vetting process (and fine tune it a little bit) We help match the right proposal
We provide a 90 days satisfaction guarantee

Having this process streamlined, we can reach fulfillment from start to finish in 3 to 6 weeks (2 sprints), consuming minimal of your time and from your engineering team.

We empower your in-house recruiting team or become your own
We work together for a perfect cultural and technical match
We are 100% focused in US based Startups from Seed-stage to Unicorns pushing the boundaries of INNOVATION
We work with the ultimate technologies (from React with hooks, Vue.js, to Python, Node.js, R, Elixir, Ruby on Rails, and more!)
We fulfill any type of tech role (from Director of Engineering, Software Engineer, Data Scientist to DevOps, Product and UX Designer)
We empower high-growth teams in high-growth industries ( ML/AI applications for e-commerce, real-estate, beauty to IoT, Space Tech, and much more)