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Here's how we helped a luxury marketplace based in the US grow 200% in their online sales by successfully recruiting both technical and non-technical professionals.

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The Brief

To support their remarkable growth, the company was in need of highly professional individuals who could effectively engage with customers in a high-profile setting. This required hiring fashion buyers, professional copywriters, developers, finance experts, marketing specialists, and product professionals who were all well-versed in the luxury industry and understood the buyer persona. Due to the specific and aligned criteria, the company engaged in continuous hiring efforts over a period of 12 months.

The Solution

Initially, our focus was on determining whether we could find candidates with the necessary soft skills, particularly strong interpersonal abilities, to meet the company's requirements. To achieve this, we established a dedicated team specializing in non-technical hiring. This team worked closely with the company's recruiter, thoroughly reviewing candidate profiles and learning from the client's preferences. Each stage of the interview process was meticulously tailored to ensure a precise fit with the client's expectations.

The Implementation

Following the screening process, we actively engaged in the offer stage, providing invaluable assistance to ensure that the offer presented the best career opportunity, increasing the likelihood of candidate acceptance. Recognizing that the client lacked expertise in this area and was losing potential candidates, Nexton stepped in to manage the offer stage. As a result, the client receives candidates only after the job offer has been accepted, streamlining the onboarding process and enhancing overall efficiency.

The Results

A total of 28 individuals have been successfully hired, and the company continues to experience steady growth and expansion. The team has demonstrated excellent integration and cohesion, working together seamlessly.

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