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Here's how we helped a thriving solar panel provider facing the challenge of rapid growth, which had overwhelmed their staffing team's capacity. They turned to us for assistance in resolving their engineering staffing

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The Brief

With an abundance of open positions and a wide variety of roles, the company faced a daunting challenge as their internal team lacked the necessary time and expertise to effectively assess both technical and non-technical skills, as well as meet the unique requirements of each role.

The Solution

Nexton boasts a team of over 80 screeners proficient in various tech stacks. Leveraging custom sourcing techniques and efficient pipeline management, we were able to successfully identify all the exceptional candidates within a month, meeting the requirements for client-facing roles, web platform development, and internal tool development.

The Implementation

Nexton provided staff augmentation services, taking care of all payroll and administrative HR tasks, including compliance matters. This made it significantly easier for the company to hire talent from abroad, as Nexton handled the transfer of the onboarding process, allowing the company to focus on taking care of their employees. Nexton managed the mundane administrative responsibilities, such as providing necessary equipment, computers, and an onboarding kit, while the company could concentrate on more important aspects of their business.

The Results

A total of seven individuals were successfully hired, and the company continues to experience ongoing growth and expansion by continually adding new members to its team.

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