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Here's how we helped a Top Mobile App Development Company in NYC build 30 exceptional apps that met their clients' requirements, while enabling them to expand their business with reduced expenses.

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The Brief

The company required developers who excelled in client-facing roles, possessed exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and could effectively handle client interactions. They aimed to accelerate their business growth while maintaining cost-effectiveness to facilitate scalability. However, identifying developers who possessed both outstanding communication skills and technical expertise proved to be a challenging task.

The Solution

Our initial priority was to determine whether we could meet their specific hard skill requirements, considering their prestigious client base. To ensure a thorough evaluation, we offered opportunities for live coding exercises that allowed them to assess candidates' technical abilities before making any hiring decisions.

Following that, our team diligently assessed the candidates' soft skills to ensure a seamless cultural fit within the organization. The interview process was meticulously tailored to assess both the high technical expertise and the desired soft cultural skills.

Drawing upon our expertise, we collaborated with the company to design a code challenge that aligned with their desired outcomes.

The Implementation

Upon completion of the screening process, we actively participated in the offer stage, providing invaluable assistance to ensure that the offer presented the best career opportunity for the candidates, increasing the likelihood of their acceptance. Additionally, we extended our support by guiding the company on effectively onboarding remote team members and facilitating seamless integration with their onshore counterparts.

The Results

Through our efforts, a total of 28 skilled individuals were successfully hired. The collaborative team effort resulted in the development of 30 exceptional apps. Moreover, the company achieved remarkable success by acquiring 20 new customers, further propelling their growth trajectory. With this positive momentum, the company continues to scale up its operations.

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